I have a evga nvidia gtx 570 HD, will it fit work in my stock optiplex 960?

Sep 30, 2018
Will my evga nvidia gtx 570 hd fit inside my optiplex 960, the optiplex is my old work computer with a core 2 cpu. Will the gpu be comparable with my optiplex
The Optiplex 960 is a tough nut to crack as far as GPU goes. It's a BTX layout so the GPU goes towards the CPU cooler not away from it. To make things worse they added a couple PS2 ports next to the Printer port so single slot only at the back. A Zotac GTX1050 Mini will fit an Opti 760, but those 2 ports on the 960 get in the way.
You didn't say what size case your 960 is. I don't see any way to get a 570HD in there. You might get a single slot Low Profile GTX750 in there with a tall bracket.

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