Question I have a few questions about a new build. (Ryzen 7 2700x and its stock cooler)


Apr 3, 2015
Hello. I just got this new build up and running for my family and I had a couple of questions while I was setting up Windows and getting drivers updated, etc. I did some research after I noticed the ram was running at a 2133 mhz and found out that in order to take advantage of the faster speeds of the 3200 mhz ram they purchased that I would need to enable DOCP in the bios. I've since then set it but was wondering if this was safe to set while still using a stock Ryzen 7 2700x wraith prism cooler. I have not overclocked anything in this build in fear of unsafe temperatures and general uncertainty about overclocking. I have already used the motherboard's built in bios flash update as well as getting the newest graphics card drivers. I haven't updated any of the other component drivers by hand as it seems that windows has already done so.

Another question I have regarding the CPU cooler arose from testing some games out. I downloaded the demo for Shadow of the Tomb Raider and was running it uncapped at an average of at least 110 FPS or so. I didn't play very long and the FPS never really dropped far below 100 but the stock cpu cooler did get quite noisy from what I'm used to in previous computers. The CPU has no control over the case fans either but they are running at 100% due to the included case fan hub only having a molex connector. The CPU cooler switch is also set to H. Is this noise normal for the build? It doesn't bother us really but I want to make sure its safe. After I send the PC off with its new owner I won't really have access to it so I want to try to get it set up to the best of my ability. I will add a link to the build for any other references. Thank you.
Mar 9, 2019
actually yes it is safe with the prism cooler that competes with other top brand coolers u should be fine if u need more help about this great cooler visit jayz2cents on his channel srry couldnt get a link to send but look for a review on it he covers every thing but for the most part yes it is safe to overclock a bit with the prism cooler