Question I Have No Idea What's Happening

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May 24, 2019
Hello again,
I recently asked a question here:
My specs and some of the information about my problem are there as well for reference. My issue is still that I can't decide if this issue is my motherboard or my RAM, and with more testing I'm starting to worry it's my motherboard. I have my RAM overclocked from the stock 2133mhz out of the box to 3000mhz. The RAM I have is rated for 3200mhz, so it shouldn't be a problem. I have an ASUS board though, and I hear they have issues with fast RAM? Anyway, I've done further testing. I used another PC that has the exact same RAM to test this. I put my RAM in his system. Both sticks, then the "dead" stick by itself, and then the seemingly faulty stick by itself. Every stick worked fine, but he ran them at the stock 2133mhz clock speed. I took his RAM and ran the diagnostic myself, and got results near the end that said there were hardware issues detected (it took way longer to say this with his RAM, with mine it took a few seconds to detect this). So after this, the next day I boot up my computer with both of my RAM sticks in it. It only detects one of them. So, I switch the slots they're in and now my PC detects both. I've already RMA'd the RAM, it'll be here tomorrow. But what in the hell is going on here? Do ASUS boards just not like fast RAM? Is it my RAM just being conveniently broken when it wants to? Is my board broken? Thanks for your help.


Stick to one thread. Just because you have a change of opinion doesn't mean you get to disregard the rules and start creating multiple threads on the same topic on the exact same problem. If you have new information, post it in the original thread. Thanks.
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