Question I need a replacement for my AMD E1-1200 APU, but I need a compatible apu.

Mar 8, 2020
Hey, so basically I'm in a tough situation, I used to have this computer, an Acer axc-603g-uw15 but it broke and my dad threw it away. So I recently got the same computer off of amazon. This one is unique though, instead of an Intel processor like the original has, mine is special edition, which has a Dual-core AMD E1-1200 APU fit with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics. Of course this would be great, if this wasn't a gaming apu from like 10 years go, (btw an apu is a cpu and a gpu combined). I'm trying to get a new APU now to replace it, but I can't seem to find any AMD apu's that I know will fit. All I know about CPU's is the difference between LPA and GPA cpu. How do I know which good APU to get, or what APU can fit?


Feb 25, 2020
17 Series E1-1200.html
there is no upgrade. it solder to the system board
I have never seen anything like that, desktop with with soldered cpu, dear god.

The only way to upgrade anything on that thing (dont bother with more ram or ssd , that cpu will bottleneck everything) is new motherboard with same form factor. Thing is you would probably have hard time fitting it in the case but it could be possible with some modification.

Do you know the motherboard part number? google how to check it by opening the case example (first obviously turn off psu, remove the cable even and press 10seconds power button to discharge electricity and only after that open the case)
Because this is a soldered model, if you were looking for your original system that had a different processor, I would seek out that system and sell this one. It will be more trouble making it into what you had than just buying what you had.