Question I need help understanding to set up a network

Sep 14, 2019
Ok I live on a boat. the marina provides wireless internet but each device i have on the boat has to have a password. If I change a device say TV to computer it kicks me off the other. I need some sort of device that i can set up a local network on the boat so I can use multiple devices. Please help me ?
To some extent it depends on how the marina does their security. A router will allow all devices to appear to come from a single address. The problem you have is you need the WAN port on the router to be wifi. There used to be some routers that could do that but they are extremely uncommon.

So you need to build your own. What you need is a extra radio to connect to the wan port. This device is called a client-bridge. It appears to be a end user machine. Many so called "extenders" or repeaters can run in client-bridge mode. It might be easier to just buy a actual bridge. You can get outdoor bridge from companies like ubiquiti. In your case it might actually help your signal to use outdoor direction bridge. Something like a nano station loco for about $50. Be careful to select the correct radio 2.4 or 5.

You then plug this device into the wan port of any router.

What you do is log some device in and then all the rest piggy back on the same authentication. Although the marinia might be able to detect you did this they likely do not have the expertise. Just do not abuse it by doing things like splitting the bill or reselling the internet connection to other people...assuming they charge for access.