I need help with this motherboard drivers issue

Dec 23, 2018
Hi, Im building a gaming computer soon and I will be using the Gigabyte B360M DS3H motherboard. I will be downloading the Windows 10 64 bit drivers. But as you can see if you go to the website https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B360M-DS3H-rev-10#support-dl-driver-audio for each of the specific drivers there are different versions. I need to know if I should download everything and every version.. or just one of each.. for example.. there are 3 different realtek audio drivers.. do I download all 3 or just 1 of those?


You could just download the Gigabyte App centre and let it update drivers - its in the Utility section
The top one in each category should be newest. Motherboard web sites tend to list all versions of drivers, not just the newest.

realtek Audio - get top one (8745)
Intel Management Engine Interface version
Intel INF installation version 10.1.17695.8086
LAN - top 2
not sure you need the AHCI driver
Only download optane drivers if you using Optane - version
Don't get VGA if you plan on using external GPU
Update BIOS if need be
most utilities are up to you