I need help!


Nov 3, 2011
Hi, I recently have purchased and placed a 2GB ram stick and fit it in perfectly in an empty ram slot in my Toshiba Satellite C655-S5049. I started to see that the page where it usually shows Toshiba in red letters during a boot is gone and doesnt give an option to open up the BIOS and all that is left is a flickering line. This is worrying me and I even tried Windows Memory Diagnostics and nothing comes up. I also started to use EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition for some disk partition but I doubt that has anything to do with it. Please help asap. Thx
Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

IF the new RAM is causing problems then chances are it's either bad or incompatible (Frequency, CAS, Voltage, etc). The major problem with anything OEM e.g. Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc is the lack of BIOS manual control. If the RAM individually works (old) and (new) separately the they're incompatible as mentioned.

The simplest is to get a matched pair of $30 2x2GB -> http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Satellite%20C655-S5049&Cat=RAM ; Part #: CT1495020