Question I ran into a couple of issues when installing my board.


Nov 16, 2015
Hiya folks, it’s been a minute since i’ve built a PC and I encountered a couple of issues when installing my motherboard.

1.) I think I scratched the mounting holes on the board and now there’s some metal exposed. Please see below for images

I did this by initially using the wrong screws to screw it in, which leads me onto the second issue.

2.) Due to the fact I initially used the wrong screws to screw down my board, the original smaller screws no longer work in 3 of my mounting holes. Now I have to use these “strong chassis screws” in order to tighten the board down in those places. Please see below for images.

As you can see, they’re well within the ‘safe zone’. Does that mean they’re good to use?

Any help is always greatly appreciated.


1| You should be fine. The white ring on the PCB holes designate the no traces area/safe zone of the PCB.
2| Though I did notice one thing, why do I see two sets of screws across those three images? You don't want to cross thread case stand-off's. You might want to see if your case came with extra stand-off's...or at the very least contact your case maker for a screw kit, if you can't find the same stand-off's off of Ebay or your local hardware store.
You are fine.
It is good practice to test fit your screws by hand to verify that they are the correct ones.
I might add that you want the standoffs to be screwed in tightly.
The motherboard screws should not go in any more than snugly.
If the standoff is not firm, you may find that unscrewing the motherboard screw will loosen the standoff, not the screw, making it impossible to remove the motherboard.