Question I received a computer from XIDAX

Jun 21, 2022
I recently ordered a $6k computer from xidax and I'm struggling
quite a bit with it. I also think I made a mistake by accident on trying to
get the graphics card to work. Maybe
you guys can help me figure out how to go from here. (Note I Am a super noob
when it comes to computers so that doesn't help but bare with me)

1) the motherboard doesn't hold a connection via HDMI or display port
tested on an old monitor and my new one. When I tried via graphics card it
didn't work as well . Which caused me to get curious as to what was wrong.
I then concluded the graphics card didn't work at all.

2) Whenever I did get the display working momentarily it would not work if
unplugged after or after reboot or if trying to install something. Tested
on both monitors with multiple cables going to each individual port and
also using HDMI / Display Port. Tested on ASUS monitors, 1080p + 1440p for

3) The sound card ae-9 didn't work. The driver worked but the actual
physical device didn't.

4) being an idiot, I went to device manager and I thought that because I
had checked the drivers and everything like that all I would have to do to
fix the graphics card issue is to uninstall the onboard graphics driver
from device manager. I clearly should not have done that but I am a super
noob when it comes to computers truthfully.

5) Even though during the time I was able to boot the computer and setup my
account for windows using the display connection in the beginning when the
display connection didn't get severed or was in tact still, I was unable to
get the AMD graphics driver to work so I went to the amd site to install
the driver, which caused me to have to reboot, afterwords it hesitated to
get the display going again which took 45m replugging the display
powerblock + the cables into the monitor and PC but eventually worked after
quite some time. So When I got to the main screen again after seeing that
nothing changed with the graphics card this resulted me making the mistake
of uninstalling the onboard graphics device from the device manager. Which
in hindsight was clearly a mistake on my part but again like I said I am a
super noob. What realistically are my options here? I really am bummed
because I was expecting everything to work out of the box but it was a
major struggle the entire time. Really hope I can get some help here!

My friend who knows a lot about computers told me the motherboard has most likely shorted in some areas because of the audio and video issues as well as the graphics card. What can I realistically do here, I feel a bit bummed out.​


Post a link to the web site where you bought this.

Ideally a link to the specific model you bought.

List the full brand name and model number of each of these components as best you can. ALL POSSIBLE DETAILS.



Memory (RAM)


Hard drives, both SSD and HDD.

Sound card.

Video card.

Power supply

Have you made any attempt to deal with Xidax customer service?