Discussion I scratched my new RTX 3060 and did not mean to do so :(


Jun 19, 2021
I am having a lot of trouble with getting my computer to boot properly and I have to remove the gpu to reach into certain things such as the cmos battery or some drives. I searched up a way to remove the gpu without much clearance since I cannot fit my hand and reach into the pcie slot lock with my fingers and people suggested a ruler or something similar. I tried a plastic ruler but it seemed easier with the wood ruler that I had so that’s why I used that one. Now, this is how my brand new graphics card that I took out of the box a couple of hours ago looks like 🙁
View: https://imgur.com/a/fn4lYwE
When building a PC it's best if you try all of the hardware outside of the case to make sure everything works. Most people use a cardboard for that purpose. It takes more time but it saves trouble of removing hardware the hard way.