Question I screw up with a dual fans CoolerMaster MasterLiquid

Jan 2, 2021
Hey Everyone! And Happy New Years!
I had recently bought a corsair PC case and a Cooler Master AIO dual fans to build my first Gaming PC. The radiator fits, but spend a few hours (literately) trying to figure out how to mount the two fans, and only able to mount one on it. I did not took consideration, that the thickness of the radiator was more then I thought (stupid of me, thinking that all AIO radiator are the same), and if I tried to connect the 2nd fan, it will block where the RAMs are located on a MSI Mortar B460M motherboard. So I stick with one fan.

Here is the question, or questions... It is working, and working well. The avg temp on the i5 10400F is is about 33C to 55C (avg rate in the 30s) , when I'm playing a game at 1080P Ultra (using a GTX 1650 Super) it hits at avg 50C to as high as 69C (avg rate is in the 50s) . If I use two fans the CPU will get cooler? On this configuration, will it wear down the AIO cooler faster? Do I need to consider a single AIO fan for better cooling?

This is the only way I could share it is through photobucket, so you could see.

Thanks, and Happy New Years!