I think I have a bad virus


Jul 20, 2009
I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct place, if so feel free to tell me to move it.

About 3 weeks ago I started to notice that my internet is slow. Primarily youtube would not buffer, but every thing was a bit slower. I thought it could be my wifi signal, but ruled that out with a hard wire. So I thought maybe it was just cookies, so I deleted all the firefox cookies. This did not solve the problem. IE is a little bit faster, but videos still take forever to buffer.

I then thought virus.

Ran avast and malwarebytes. Found nothing. Figured I should run them both in safemode. So I restated and presses f8 and windows started normally. So I restated and tried again, thinking that I just missed the timing. I did this ten times with no luck. Advanced boot options seems to be gone. So I loaded Windows and then flipped the psu switch. It then loaded to a limited Advanced boot options because I improperly shutdown Windows. I chose safemode with networking and ran the virus checks again. I then ran RKill. Nothing was found.

Can a virus change the boot.ini where you loose boot options? I am about to backup and reinstall Windows, but figured I would post here and see if anyone knows what I could try.


Simple answer reformat hard drive and don't do the quick reformat do the full it's better to be safe than sorry then as soon as you installed os install all your drivers and anti virus/anti spyware/firewall don't start surfing online for a while before you do that.

the great randini

Dec 23, 2011
i may be wrong but i dont think windows 7 has a boot ini anymore.

if you run hijack this, and look for "BHO" browser helper objects, google anything suspicious. it is an easy way to tell if your browser is infected. be careful removing things you need.
trend micro hijackthis Download here

what i would do to try to fix this would be to upgrade to the latest version of the browser, firefox is on 14.0.1 (i think it upgrades its self now, but if you are on an old version it wont) Download fire fox
update adobe flash Down load here

another thought would be to simply right click on the you tube video and select settings
and adjust the slider for the amount of data the website can store on your pc.

tools for virus removal

SuperAntiSpyware Download here


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