Question I want to game smoothly.

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Aug 14, 2020
Okay, so for your 2nd picture I'm more interested in seeing these:

You want the PCIe x16 slots as shown above, I think yours will be black in color, each expansion slot will be marked as you can see in the picture, it's actually written on the motherboard itself so you will be able to find it the same way.

Looking at the back of your case, on the left side of your photo you can see the metal brackets that are removeable so you can have the video output, etc, of your graphics card come through the back of the case, seems one of them has already been removed previously.

Another thing, do you have the original monitor that came with it? Because most graphics cards you buy nowadays will not have a VGA output which that setup came with natively, what does your video cable look like?

If it's VGA, you will need to find a VGA-DVI adapter for your monitor unless the monitor itself also has DVI/Display Port support.
I have
I use a VGA cord, however I also I have an HDMI & Display Port cables, it's just that currently my monitor doesn't support DP and my PC doesn't have HDMI, I am willing to buy a cheap passive adapter for my DP tho( it's a P++)
Also thank you to everyone helping I'm finally getting a clear view on how everything is coming together


Add the new one alongside, the way it works is integrated graphics like the Intel one you have is built directly into the motherboard CPU and is generally for low-use stuff like web browsing, running older games etc, I'm not even sure if it supports newer shader models or directx versions to be honest so it's just pretty much a last resort option if you don't have anything else to use.

Take a photo of your motherboard from a birds eye view straight down, so we can see all the components, then take one from behind your PC looking directly at all the plugs and what else is on the back of the PC, the main thing we're interested in is the expansion slots that are by the back of the case, they're at the back because obviously much like your integrated card it will need to be able to be accessed from the back of the PC for the video output.