Question I want to plug an old box CRT Monitor to an Alienware Aurora R15 Gaming Desktop. Is it possible?

May 24, 2023
Greetings fellow humans,
I wish to create an abomination of a computer where I mix old and new components. (I'd use an old CRT monitor, an old keyboard, the Alienware Aurora R15 Gaming Desktop, and a gaming mouse.) I wish to know the adapters I'd need, or if it's even possible at all.
Pictured are the two items. Yes, this is a serious inquiry.

Should be possible but the exact adapter depends on which graphics card you have selected for the R15 (usually it'll be HDMI or Displayport connectors) as well as what CRT (since many had DVI-I input ports or 5-BNC rather than VGA)

It'll have to be an active converter as no modern GPU natively supports analog-out, and as those have to generate the analog image, the quality and maximum resolution varies tremendously. Latency from the image processing too, something to keep in mind if you desire a CRT primarily for its low-latency

Also note the IBM Model M keyboard requires a special high-wattage USB to PS/2 adapter because its power draw exceeds the PS/2 spec. Which is shameful as IBM wrote the spec. But now you can buy an actual USB reproduction Model M.
You'd need something like . While it might be a bit pricey, StarTech is one of those companies that can deliver. Usually.
Nope, no 720p switch so no good for an old monitor, it might not be able to display that resolution at all and even if it can you won't be able to read anything... :p
Get one of these cheap things. But make sure it's an HDMI2VGA with an 1080/720 switch and use a low resolution.