Question i want to upgrade cpu... is there anything i need to know beforehand

Feb 21, 2020
i know the basics for a new cpu upgrade you need the right socket motherboard so i am going to get a new board for that and i will also get a new cooler.
is there anything else that i need to consider before replacing the cpu?


Most, if not all, motherboard manufacturers have support pages for the motherboards they sell. Each of these sites have CPU Support Lists which detail which CPUs are supported and what BIOS version is required.

Additionally, these sites provide details about the specifications for the motherboard; type of RAM, number of ports/expansion slots, features, etc... You should familiarize yourself with the capabilities of any board you're interested in.

Finally, included on most motherboard sites, is the motherboard manual. You should always peruse the manual for any details that the specifications may not have mentioned.

Depending on what upgrades you're making, you may also need new RAM (detailed in the specs page).

You will likely need to perform a clean install of Windows once your new system is up and running. You should probably read through the following BEFORE making any changes:

Back up your data. Documents, images, media, favorites, e-mails, contact... these should all be backed up to a safe location (USB Drive) before making any changes.

-Wolf sends