Question I would like to play Minecraft and record gameplay at the same time. Best upgrade from Dell Inspiron N5110?


Oct 8, 2016
I have a budget of under $100.00, and found two prospects: An HP 2000-2c29NR that I can get for $50.00 used and a Dell Latitude e6520 I can get for $80.00 used. Yes I am aware of the risks - that I could be cheated, buying something broken or stolen, etc. etc. Trying to look on the bright side. That these are both legitimate, fully functional machines, and the only question is, which one of these will run Minecraft and Open Broadcaster Studio the best?

The HP has discrete graphics and a slower processor. It also affords me the ability to use the AMD screen recording utility I think.

The Dell is built like a tank, has a much faster processor, but uses the same Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics as my current laptop.

My current laptop, also a Dell, has an Intel i3 with HD 3000 integrated graphics. But it also has a 500gb hard drive and 6 gigs of RAM. Still Minecraft is virtually unplayable while recording, and I am tired of that.

I know you will want to say something like I should save up, for only $300.00 used I could get such and such a laptop... Or you might tell me to get a used PC. I need a laptop for portability and space. So it has to be a laptop. And the budget is the budget, so please stick to the facts listed. Which one of these laptops is going to run Minecraft and OBS the best?

Thanks for your help.