Question i3 9100F + GTX 1650 vs Ryzen 3 3100 + RX 570?

Oct 7, 2020
Hello there, I am currently looking at two specific builds that my friend is willing to sell to me at around $400, as I don't want to spend money on parts and go through the hassle of building a pc either when I could buy this ASAP.

What I'm wondering is, which of these combinations is better for gaming? I plan to play games like Witcher 3 or Skyrim, and I'm wanting to get 1080p60fps, though it doesn't have to be high or ultra. I am also wondering this because I hear Nvidia has really good software in their control panel as well compared to AMD.

If anyone has any recommendations between these builds, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if it seems like I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm new to the PC scene


R3 3100 and the RX 570 would be my pick. Both are better choices for gaming. The R3 3100 is a 4c/8c, where the 9100f is a 4c/4t. With as bloated Windows is becoming, even when playing titles that only make use of 4c/4t, the 4c/8t cpu will give you a better experience, as the extra threads can help keep your games from stuttering every time windows decide it wants resources. Newer titles 4c/4t gaming is pretty much dead, at this point. Also you can pair faster ram, with an R3 3100, than you can with a 9100f, on a non Z series chipset. Non Z series limits you to 2666, which has shown to hurt gaming performance, in recent reviews. The R3 3100 you can pair with some budget 3200 ram, on any compatible chipset. The RX 570 is faster than a 1650.