i5 2500 (non k) and gtx 1060?


Aug 17, 2016
Hi Guys, i am really not sure what to buy. I think that i dont want to buy a new pc with i5 6700 at the moment because i heard that i5 2500 is still good. On the other hand i have a 60 Hz Monitor from ASUS with IPS. If i buy a gtx 1060, and even if there is a bottleneck (cant see this word anymore), will i still be just OVER 60 fps most of the time in the next 2 years? Thats what i want only. I hate the stuttering from my 750 ti when i am looking around in the game.

My questions again:

1. Will i be able to play with a i5 2500 (NON K: so NO OC) and a gtx 1060 the next two years, most of the games at high/ very high OVER or AROUND 60 fps with my 60 Hz monitor, EVEN WHEN there will be a Bottleneck? And when there is a bottleneck even, i would not notice much during gaming right, it would stay smooth, when it is around 60 fps?

1.1 (((((AND would a rx 480 or even a rx 470 be better to achieve this goal? (GOAL was: stay above or around 60 fps for my 60 Hz monitor next 2 years). i am a poor student guys, so my budget is not very high. ( 300 € maximum right now, will buy new pc when there's new CPU generation, NOW i think GPU Upgrade is better) ))))))

i want to buy the next days, so please answer. Thanx alot!

system specs:

i5 2500 Sandy Bridge @ 3.3 GHz
Mainboard: FUJITSU D3062-A1
Memory: DDR 3, 12 Gb Ram (i think 1333 MHz)
(Actual GPU: GTX 750 TI --> only smooth game on medium-low, NO AA)
PSU: 300 WATT FROM China! (> will get new & good one, i think 400 is enough)



Apr 13, 2016
I'm wondering about this too as I have an older one. An i5-2300.
I already ordered a 1060 a few weeks back and its already on its way.

Bittah Wizard

Mar 6, 2015
this is a bump on an old thread but for me MY i5-2500 stock non-oc with stock cooler CPU BOTTLENECKS MY ASUS GTX 1060 OC 3GB DUAL(fans) in cpu demanding games such as PUBG

sometimes the GPU is only working at 70% in pubg and CPU is always 75%+ on all cores and jumps up randomly almost to 100% never full 100% for long or ever tho on all MEDIUM 1920x1080 with low foliage with this setting in pubg i get 60+ fps with drops to around 55-50. not bad for an old core but does bottleneck the 1060 by about 15%-30% depending on the game ime