[SOLVED] I5-2500K Overclocking Issues

Dec 16, 2018

So i have an issue with overclocking on this computer and I have asked a few people in my family that have overclocked and they are stumped as well.I have the I5-2500k CPU using a Gigabyte GA-Z77x-DH3 motherboard. When trying to over clock the only thing I have changed is my base clock speed from 3.3 to 3.4ghz. However starting my computer it takes my CPU speed to 6 - 7.1ghz. Im not understanding why this has happened. I haven't changed anything else. The voltage is also at 1.23. Any idea?

Ive also tried turning off the "Turbo" mode but that also has changed nothing. Not sure what could be causing the huge jump. I don't have a water cooling system so heat would be a major issue. I turn it back from 3.4ghz base speed to 3.3 and it returns to normal.


so to clarify, you are only adjusting the multiplier not the base clock right? Don't ever adjust the base clock, just adjust the multiplier.

Reset motherboard to default by doing a CMOS reset.
Refer to the battery method not the jumper method.
If battery is too difficult to do because it's located in a spot that's hard to get to, then you can try the jumper method.

Afterwards, refer to this guide for your overclocking.

Don't pay much attention to trying to get to 4.5Ghz. If you can that's great, but otherwise just follow the guide to understand how to go about overclocking your 2500K

Also, don't overclock if you're using some kind of stock cooler or really low quality cheap cooler.
Make sure you have a decent enough cooler that can handle overclocking temps.

And I would suggest updating the BIOS to the latest version. But only if you continue to experience issues.

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