Question i5 3330 temp while gaming

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Just get the largest case you can possibly afford and which will still fit on your desk.

Good case brands are Antec, Corsair, CoolerMaster
Needlessly large cases are a waste of space, metal and money. Something like the Antec 300v1/v2 (I own one of each) has plenty of space to fit an ATX motherboard and all of the hardware a remotely normal home user could possibly need with a fair amount of space to work in. Two good front intake fans to make good use of the dust filter is all the case fans a typical PC really needs and the intake filter adds 100X more airflow resistance than any severely botched cable management job short of deliberately putting a wall of wiring directly behind the fan ever will. The only reason I include a rear exhaust fan in my PCs is as a backup in case either of the front fans fail and I run that one at the lowest speed possible.

There is no need to get particularly fancy until you get into enthusiast/HEDT/overclocking territory.