I5 4690k + asrock h81 pro btc + gtx 1070

Amer Ceraf

Feb 13, 2015
Hey there pc enthusiast, so the story here is that my current motherboard is faulty showing the error code FE(any suggestion on fixing it i did try to look for the error code on the manual cant seems to find one that shows FE)

So a friend of mine want to sell his motherboard for a very cheap price the motherboard is asrock h81 pro btc so i would like to know if the i5 4690k + gtx 1070 will do good on this motherboard like gaming on ultra the latest 2018 game? this is the only motherboad i could manage to find with 1150 socket. I know that motherboard has no effect on gaming but i would like a suggestion from the community.

I tried to list the parts that i have to spend for building a system with i5 8400 and gtx 1070 its expensive but is it worth it? I mainly gaming and watching movies. 1080p reso only
Mar 29, 2019
I've been running a i7-4790 with a GeForce 1660 and everything has been great at 1080p 144Hz. Most games will run fine at max, possibly ultra, with the i5-4690k.

The H81 will not work with the i5-8400, though. Someone else can confirm, but I don't think you're going to see a huge improvement if you upgrade to the i5-8400 with the GTX 1070. Will it be worth it to buy a new motherboard and a new processor, or just stick with the i5-4690k and buy the H81? The results are going to be pretty much the same.

I'm in the same boat. It was cheaper for me to keep my 4790 and get the H81.

Good luck!

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