Question i5-6600k vs. i5-3570k


Dec 8, 2002
My high school age son's computer is based on an i5-3570k CPU, 16GB DDR3 ram, and RX570 4 GB GPU. I just got him a 1TB Crucial SSD. He has had 2TB 7200 as his only HDD.

But I have system based on an i5-6600k that I use for guests when they come over, 16GB DDR4 Ram, and an old HD 7870 2GB GPU.

I plan to switch systems for him if I am going to reindtall windows anyway, But would it be a noticeable difference for him, keeping the same RX470 4GB card? Both have good cooling and can overclock.

The real change would be the i5-6600k over the i5-3570k and 2x8 DDR4 over 4x4 DDR3, with the added speed of an SSD.

I know they are both old systems. Thanks.