[SOLVED] i7 7000k gaming computer crashes when i play big games


Jun 28, 2018
elder scrolls and gta v crash in about 2minutes - 10 minutes of play......
warcraft classic only crashes when im in major cities or boat ports/zepplins
i tried disconnecting the 1080p tv and didnt work, i tried remounting the cpu cooler and
still crashing. i tried redownloading gta-v and installing windows 10 x3 times and doesnt work, i also tried disabling
windows update and still doesnt work.

it either closes the program through windows or it restarts the entire computer
i also hear a loud fan noise in the restarting process

someone on tomshardware forum told me to get the evo 212 cpu cooler but i think i was trolled =[
im looking at all the other cpu coolers on pcpartpicker and they dont amount to mine
could it be that my cpu cooler is incompatible ???

-PC Specs-
Fractal Design blue mid tower chassis
windows 10 64 bit
ASRock B250M-HDV motherboard
intel i7 7700k cpu > 212 evo cpu cooler
Gskill Ripjaws 8gb x 2 (16gb) ram ddr2400
Crucial mx300 512gb solid state (488gb) (os)
seagate 1tb hdd (media storage)
Asus dvd burner
evga g3 supernova 650 watt gold
sapphire rx 580 8gb nitro edition

display specs
asus 2k 27" ips monitor
insignia tv 1080p 50"

i would have the display showing the same picture with their native resolutions
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