Question i9-9900K now or wait?

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Maybe you should just NOT get a graphics card right now, get everything else, and then add the card in later when you can get the super model. It's so simple to install a graphics card. Having spent some time with you on this thread I can tell you are easily intelligent enough to install a graphics card, so it's maybe ten minutes out of your life if you can deal with using the iGPU in the meantime until those cards are released.

Or, EVGA has a trade up (Step up) program, so that is an option as well.

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Dec 17, 2012
Thanks Darkbreeze,

I've installed a few GPUs in the past, and yeah I agree it really doesn't get much simpler (other than RAM ;)). Funny thing is for those of us who've never built whole systems from scratch before the process can seem somewhat daunting (with the expectation that you need be an electrician to put one together ;)), but as you pick things up over the years you realise it's really not such a big deal and most things seem pretty straight forward. I remember hearing stories of people frying their CPUs or damaging super expensive components due to static etc. which always put me off though! I did actually consider building this system myself, but when I priced out the parts separately the saving was only around £200 (for a £3,400 system) which didn't seem worth it considering the warranty and peace of mind of simply having it built.

I considered delaying the GPU purchase (and the CPU as you know, LOL), but the problem there is having only a semi-functional system, but still paying an awful lot for it. If the 2080 Ti Super is 'delayed' until Nov/Dec and there are either availability issues or excessive pricing, I've not really helped myself. Particularly if in that same time frame the 9900KS is released or worse, the 10-core Comet Lake CPU, in which case I'd have committed to the system without really reaping any of the benefits from it. With that in mind, I felt it was better to either go all in now, or simply wait - which brings us back to 'but for how long...'

I stumbled upon EVGA's Step-Up program yesterday - sounds pretty good to me and definitely a nice thing to have. The more I hear about EVGA, the better they sound as a company.

Today's the day of the Super announcement according to the leaks, so we'll see if anything comes of that (not holding my breath though). Ideally I'd like to make a decision as regards the GPU this weekend, or Tuesday at the latest.

Thanks as always for the help!

EDIT: Well, lucky I bought that 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra when I did (for the purpose of deciding between it and the XC Ultra) as 'BAM!' the price has gone back to £1,400!
EDIT 2: I have opened a specific thread about this in the GPU section; if considered bad form, I apologise - please feel free to close it!
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