Question Idea on a pc build

Apr 6, 2020
I'm a high school student and a first time builder, but I do plan to build one in a few months in hope that everything will be back to normal. I have to minimize my risks as I don't want to waste all my money earned from competitions, so I have researched a bit online and will continue to prepare until I finished building it lol.

I have a budget of around 2000 cad or around 1400 USD for Americans out there. and I'm not too worried about the performance as I will be playing more esports games like cs go/league, so I want to focus on how to make the build look nice and unique. Soooo I'm wondering, to all you experienced pc builders out there, are there any suggestions on the colour scheme, specific parts, lighting, designs, etc. (anything will help) I could do?

thanks in advance for everyone who's taking time to answer this.


Part recommendations may change in a few months depending on what's available and if anything newer has been released (Ampere perhaps?). I'd highly recommend asking this question about two weeks prior to building and fill the rest of this out.

When are you purchasing the parts?

What is your budget?
$2000 CAD

What are your needs?

Your location:

Your preferred sellers/websites:

Your part choices (if any):

Are you upgrading or taking parts from any older PC/laptop?

Do you need a OS or any other software?

Do you need any Monitor?

Do you need any peripherals?

Any other notes:

As for right now and what you'll be doing for gaming the Ryzen 3600, 2x8gb at 3600mhz, B450 board & either the RX 5700/5600 XT or Nvidia equivalent should be doable for your budget. For the aesthetics it depends on what you want to do, with A/RGB its pretty easy to get the colors you desire for lighting.