Question If both card & display are G-SYNC, can I get 120hz @1440p over HDMI 1.4?

Aug 4, 2020
Hello, first-time poster, registered only after failing to find this specific situation discussed already.

I have a brand new Asus GX701 laptop sporting an nVidia 2080 Max-Q. Even though the display on the GX701 maxes out at 1920x1080 (144hz), the card should obv be able to support a lot higher resolution and still get great fps.

I also have an Acer X34P G-Sync monitor with 3440x1440 native resolution, 120hz. According to specs I've found online, it's HDMI port is v1.4

The GX701 has no DP out, only HDMI. I assume it's at least HDMI 2.0 because it's brand-new. I also assume the reason there's no DP out is the designers expected the laptop to be connected to 4K TVs rather than other monitors?

I am successfully duplicating the GX701's display on my X34P via HDMI @3440x1440 and it looks great, fps smooth but I notice quite a bit of flickering and discover my refresh rate is capped at 49hz. Yes, I am using an ancient HDMI cable.

So of course I need to get a new HDMI cable, one capable of supporting refresh rates of 120hz or 144hz. But even if I do update the cable, will the fact that the monitor's hdmi port is v1.4 prevent my ability to use the monitor's 120hz capability over HDMI?

In other words, is the old HDMI cable my only bottleneck, or is the slightly older HDMI port on my monitor also going to prevent me from enjoying 120hz over HDMI?

Edit: The GX701 also has a couple of USB-C ports (one of which supports Thunderbolt 3). I'm a old fart and not up to snuff on this tech. Could I achieve better refresh rates by simply using a USB-C-to-DisplayPort Adapter to connect to my X34P? Or would the adapter represent a bottleneck for refresh rates as well?

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