iGPU and dGPU crossfire - AMD

Jan 13, 2019
So I know this issue is not big, but I really want to know if I can get my iGPU to crossfire with my discrete GPU. I have a 2200g and an rx 580, so both amd. My motherboard is an asrock b450m pro4, witch supports crossfire.

I know that the return would in theory be very small, but it would be a shame if the integrated vega 8 graphics just sat there doing nothing.

I've looked around and consensus is that it should be possible.

If it is possible, what do I need to do to enable crossfire between these two GPU's?


Jan 10, 2015
If you're trying to crossfire with 2 cards, they have to be the exact same model, regardless if they both fit the mobo and the crossfire snaps on fine. If you try to run with 2 different cards connected, the one closer to the processor (on top) will be prioritized as the discreet, the other won't even receive power (some mobos won't boot at all if it detects 2 different cards that aren't identical).

In conclusion, both cards would have to be the same. So either two 2200gs or two rx 580s.

To set up crossfire, all you have to do is attached the bridge cable to both cards and turn the system on, then you're done. Typically your pc will use the discreet as a primary, and then kick on the second card when the discreet isn't able to keep up with whatever you're running.

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