Question I'm getting hard power offs after replacing a PCIe 3 NVMe with a PCIe 4 NVMe ?

Jan 24, 2022
So here is my issue and what I have attempted to rectify the issue.
(See Current Specs Below) I have been upgrading my computer, bit by bit at a time. I recently upgraded my SSD from an older Samsung 960 1TB, I did this at the end of November and changed it to a Crucial P5+ 1TB (Gen 4) NVME. Things were okay for a day (and radomly for a day or 2 since then). But my system would and still does Randomly power off (no BSOD, no, shutting down, the only error I can find in Event log was unexpected shutdown), sometimes a few minutes in, somes hours, sometimes not for days, I usually can get to happen if I play FarCry 5 within an hour or 2 or less.

Originally I was using a Rosewill 80+ Gold 1000W PSU, and I was using a Noctua NH-U12S CPU cooler (1 fan and previously never got the CPU above 65c while pushing the processor).

Well I upgraded the BIOS to the most recent, looked up settings recommended by Crucial for the bios, checked MSI's page for what to set the settings in the bios for with PCIe4 devices, and downloaded the exective softare for the cruicial as well as the force updated the drivers to the ones crucial had on their site if you were having problems, and this didn't solve anything.

(btw I do not Overclock my 5900x or the 3090FE as I have found no need to.) I have tried RAM as default and with the XMB profile and only 1 at a time, as well as switching back to my older Corsair Vengence 3000Mhz RAM, no change to issue)

I decided my PSU while newer wasn't bad, but I found a great deal on the HX 1200 and ordered and replaced that. Same issue.
So I RMA'ed the SSD and I got the new one, it worked fine for a day, but that didn't mean much since sometimes it would work without issue, and a day later had the same issue. So I came to a reasonable conclusion (at least I thought it was) that it was a compatability issue with the MB. So I requested a refund and puchased the new Samsung 980 Pro.
(Oh and yes, even though it is annoying I did do fresh installs of Windows on all SSD replacements instead cloning the drives.)

So I got the new drive installed, Windows 10 up to date, installed all my game launchers, and the games I have been playing, and my Adobe Suite since I do Video/Phot and Audio editing as well. It worked for a day or 2 and same issue occured again, by this time I found that there was a recommendation to turn CState off as it can cause similar issues, so I turned it off, same issue occured 2 days later.

Now I started to look elsewhere, as all of these components were purchased in the last 12mths except the Noctua. I noticed my temps on my processor would reach up to 85c for short-ish bursts while just opening simple apps which it had never done since I bought and did my initial testing for a few weeks after the purchase of the 5900x.
So I started pushing my fans in the system at full speed to try and keep things a bit cooler and noticed that during games like FarCy 5 and NewWorld (which I never had an issue with until now) it would get up to 87c fairly consistantly. So I just bought the new case (was an old Deepcool Kendomen) and the Kraken Z63. I just installed it last night but I got up to 85c again just openng a browser.

I am starting to think that the issue may be the processor. I tried a lot of the suggestions in regards to undervolting and adjusting PBOs.
Maybe I am going down the wrong trail here but with a non-gen 4 nvme I never got these temps, so I am wondering if the PCIe Gen 4 lanes are pushing the processor all the harder, and either the processor has and problem with the PCIe lanes or the MB is having an issue with the PCIe lanes, and that might be causing the random hard power offs [I have an old Western Digital 256GB m.2 Sata drive I could try in leu of the new one and see if I have the issue (I was hoping to try this tonight.) btw the old 960 1TB SSD is being used in another system from all the old components I upgraded from.]

But if it isn't that, then I am at a loss and need another, set of eyes/(smarter) brain in the mix.
(oh and the 3090 only hits like 45-50c Max when playing either of the 2 games being tested on ultra graphics settings, with nothing restriced and every function for the graphics enabled or maxed out, other than the fact that both my moniotrs are 1920x1080 144Hz Asus displays, so I can't test a higher Res on them.)
(oh mulitple home outlets, and as can be seen in specs I have a UPS that can handle my system requirements)

Any Ideads folks?

Here are my specs currently:
Case: Corsair iCUE 4000x RGB
CPU: Ryzen 9 5900x
CPU Cooler: AIO Kraken Z63
GPU: RTX 3090 FE
RAM: Corsair Vengance Pro RGB DDR4 32GB 3600Mhz - Dual Channel (2x16)
PSU: Corsair HX 1200
SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB PCIe Gen 4 NVME (MZ-V8P1T0B/AM)
HHD: 2x Seagate EXOS 6TB 7200rpm 256MB Cached Server Drives - In Raid
Win 10 - 21H1 (I beleive, just not home right now)
Backup UPS: Cyber Power GX1500U (900W) Sine Wave Backup UPS