[SOLVED] I'm having issues with a new build and I believe it's either the PSU or GPU, can you help?

Jun 6, 2020
Hey guys, so my brother has a machine he's always had issues with. He built it years ago so he figured he was due for an upgrade. He went out and got himself a Asus Prime B450M-A along with a Ryzen 5 CPU and 32GB's of RAM.

The issue though is that the problem from the previous system seems to not have been with his Mobo, CPU or RAM. It seems to be either the PSU or the GPU.

He currently has PSU model BFGR550WGXPSU made by BFG and a Sapphire 6950 GPU.

When I hooked everything up I used all of the old cables and the machine booted up just fine so I went ahead and tested out the machine to see if the issue persisted. The issue he was having was the computer crashing after a few secs of running just about any game, regardless of quality settings. For the games that survived a couple of secs, they eventually died after a few mins.

I noticed that for the GPU he was using 2x 6-pin cables but one of them was a molex to 6-pin adapter like shown here. I then found the original BFG cables and saw that he had a couple of direct 6-pin connectors so ran those directly from the PSU to the GPU but then found that the machine wouldn't turn on. Thinking maybe it was a bad cable I then tried them all only to have the machine continue to not turn on. When I went back to the original molex to 6-pin along with a direct PSU-GPU cable it turned on fine but again the crashes persist.

Doing some research I found that the PSU is rated for 550W and the GPU requires 550W but am unsure if the PSU is under delivering or if the GPU itself is bad.

This only happens while gaming and everything but the PSU and the GPU have been changed out including a fresh install of Windows with all updated drivers.

Any suggestions?