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Question im not sure whats wrong

Jul 9, 2020
I tested a stick of ram and it blue screened, when i tried starting after removing it my computer wouldn't boot, it would power up everything and fans would spin but my mouse and keyboard LEDS stayed off, it doesn't do anything after that just spins and spins and spins, i did the usual and reseated ram, GPU etc etc, i tried booting with nothing plugged in, i reseated my CPU, i did everything.... defeated i left it for 3 days, after coming back i tried at it again i moved my GPU down a slot so i could access the cmos battery without having to take my GPU out every time, and i got a 500gb laptop HDD, and i reset the cmos and magically i got a boot, extremely hep-pi i closed up and went full send plugged everything in and rebooted.... nothing... same as the start no actual boot just spinning(note:i was just in my bios) naturally i thought my ram died so i took it to a friend to test and what do you know it works, so now im confused all my components work but it wont boot....

note: at first my computer was booting into the repair windows screen but nothing could be done that's why i switched HDD and inserted a flash drive with bootable windows, however i then had the recurring problem of not even getting that far.

After testing my ram i went full send and force booted from my bios after flashing my cmos and turning my PSU off for 30 sec, then i get the new settings loaded screen, i F1 into bios and force boot, i install windows on the 500gb laptop drive and boot in i can do everything i install steam all i need and i noticed my 2nd monitor wasn't displaying anything and i couldn't get windows to detect it, i figured it was the bios setting for integrated graphics so i save everything and reset hoping to boot into my bios and do my settings

whap whap

SAME PROBLEM... i reset cmos, F1 into bios and force boot my HDD this time and it loads, completely confused(but heppi its working) every time it turned off the same process followed without fail, this has been going on for about 1 or 1 and a half months, recently i found it can go into sleep mode and turn on nothing else, Ive tried changing the cmos battery everything and i gained access to my original HDD through partition wizard...

so idk does anyone have any clue what is going on , pls help

My system spec:
Intel core I5 3570k
msi Z77A-G43(MS-7758)
4gb Samsung ddr3 1600
4gb apacer ddr3 1333
GS550 HUNTKEY PSU (gross i know but leave me be its better than my last)
msi 1050ti 4gb
500gb HDD (smart test passed)
2tb HDD (smart test passed)

note: besides not being able to straight boot my pc has no performance problems besides those of note having an SSD.
Jul 9, 2020
Have you try to set the Drive Boot Priorities ?
Just for make sure, you have a problem with booting right ?
I'm not really good in english.
no problem, yes i set drive priority but the bios settings seem to reset after you select save and reboot


Jun 9, 2020
Try this. Enter the BIOS and change the boot order so that the HDD/SSD isn't listed. Save changes and reboot.
They will show the missing OS message. Now restart and enter the BIOS again. This time, set the boot order for HDD/SSD as a boot device. Save changes and reboot.