I'm Stumped


Oct 30, 2009
Hey all, so I just got home from a LAN party and hooked everything back up. I hit the power button and there's a loud crack. Well damn. So I open it up and watch the PSU as I power up again. It begins to boot, then CRACK CRACK CRACK, the PSU fan goes into overdrive, anddddddddd dead.

So I grab a 500W I have laying around, unhook extra HDs, take out my HD5870s, and throw in an HD4890. Mobo lights come on, but when I hit the power button on the mobo nothing happens. So I took out the card and hit the power button. It boots. So I figure, well I'm pushing it with the available wattage, I'll try an old GeForce 8600 so that my system is needing 350W max load. Still nothing. But again, whenever I take out the GPU it boots.

My system specs if it helps:

ASUS P6T Deluxe v2 mobo
1366 socket i7
(Normally 2 HD5870s) But can do with one or two HD4890
120GB SSD boot drive
500W PSU (1000W on the way)
3 sticks of 2GB DDR3 2000


^+1 either that ot the PSU is a crappy off brand one that won't even run a 8600gt.

Try any other slot on your mobo.

And the p6t doesn't have any onboars graphics out right, then how do you say it "boots", you cannot even get to post without a graphics adapter.
So sad to see good parts go! If it burned out the port there is a chance that the card is still fine. Not sure if the port controllers are on the NB or the CPU. Modern CPUs have a lot of protection, so you may just need a new mobo.