Image Windows Only for a new boot disk


Mar 5, 2010
I'm moving to a new SSD. Is it possible to image windows and perhaps some select folders such as the Program files Folder to my new SSD in order to aviod having to do a whole new install of Windows 7.

Also I would be leaving Programs Files x64 left on the old drive so Windows would need to know that the default folder is on another drive for the programs I already have installed. (Program Files x64 is just way to big to get moved to an 80Gb SSD.

I'm hoping there is software included by Intel x25 kit that will do this but can anyone tell me for sure?

Any thoughts here?


You can't do an "image" selectively. An image is a clone of the entire disk or patition. Since you can't move the setup as is, you may want to uninstall some programs and maybe move your user files to an external drive, then do the image.

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