Question Impossible and illogical mouse latency problems ?

Oct 24, 2021
Hello ,
I have a new setup for 1 month+ , no problems at all, but i wanted to try some new games (for me) , Portal knight and creativerse.
These 2 games have mouse input lag (probably in some other games one day too ), I mean, I move the mouse (and the crosshair) but it takes like 100ms+ or more in game to do it, feel like I'm in a BIG truck or drunk.

Strange fact , if I'm in inventory , the game menu .... there's no delay at all.
All others games are fine and same game like them too, like minecraft.

  • Tested differents mice( ALL WIRED ), ALL Stuff like gsync vsync , fps cap uncap , a lot of different value , buffer frames , monitors , keyboard , plugging a controler....
  • No geforce experience or strange stuff , drivers updated , Power on .....
  • Not much option in these games , tested low graphics , resolutions , all on /off ....
  • Tested Different priority , all compatibility check/uncheck....
  • All "normal stuff" change nothing .
If you have a solution :) Thank you .

MotherBoard :MSI B550-A PRO
CPU : Ryzen 5950x with Dark Rock PRO 4
RAM : Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz, DDR4, DRAM,32Go (16Go x4), CL16
Disk : Samsung SSD 970 PRO M.2 PCIe NVMe & Seagate BarraCuda, 8 To
GPU :Gigabyte AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 XTREME 10G (rev. 2.0) (LHR)
PSU : Corsair HX1000 80PLUS Platinum
Mouse : BenQ ZOWIE ZA12-B (tested with two other wired mice as well)