News India's First CPUs Are Ready for App Development


Hmmm... not as interesting as those VISC cores, we read about a few years back.

Anyway, good luck to them. They'll hardly have the RISC V market to themselves. It'd be interesting to know what manufacturing node they're using. I think they'll have to compete on price, because I imagine it'll take a few generations before they can close the power/performance gap with ARM.

The second is the F class, which can be thought of as an upgrade over the T class with additional support for redundant compute blocks and bus fabrics, ECC memory and functionality to detect permanent faults.
...maybe for India's burgeoning space industry?

BTW, I have a suspicion the letters might stand for some Hindi words or names. If so, going with just the letters was probably a good call.


Nov 18, 2015
...maybe for India's burgeoning space industry?
I doubt it's for space industry. ISRO designs and manufactures its own chips, AFAIK. DRDO now has that capability too. But of course both, along with local industry will benefit from it.
I think the main reason is be to be free from foreign interference. There has been history of US banning crucial technologies to India. In recent decade, the relationship between these two big democracies have been good except for trade tensions in recent times and India's relationship with Iran and Russia. Also there's a sense that if Trump manages to get upper hold in trade relations to China, its next step would be India. So there is more emergency in them with regards to technology.