Question input not supported

Oct 15, 2022
hey guys please i need help i just bought new gigabyte gtx 1650 have hdmi port im using hdmi/vga adapter because my monitor have only vga port when i put my gpu on my pc turn the pc on it show on my monitor (input not supported) but before it works on my friend hdmi tv with 1920x1080 resolution and i played games with it and its all good but when i connect my pc to my acer x223w monitor which have max resolution 1680x1050 its says input not supported i make it work before with some tips like right click on desktop and blind keyboard clicks but when it works it only support resolution of 1400x1050 max on desktop and games but i notice that my monitor max resolution is 1680x1050 when i enter resolution settings i saw the 1920x1080 native resolution which my ecran doesn't support it I'm confused is my gpu stuck on my friend big tv resolution last time i install drivers there or what please help thanks