Inspiron 530 stops in middle of POST


Jan 17, 2013
i have an Inspiron 530 that stops in the middle of the POST. I havent turned the pc on in about a month but last time it was on it worked perfect. Any ideas on what to do?
Thanks Eric
Have you done any updates ? Having the computer turned off for a month means that it missed some updates so you might want to run through the Windows update and then see if anything else needs updating like Adobe flash or Java or any other utility sopftware that you may have.
Are you able to get to the part of the post where you can get into the bios?
Did you overclock the cpu at all ?
You can try to reset the bios , is there a cmos button on the back i/o panel or is there a bios jumper option on the motherboard and last resort you can power off the computer and remove the plug from the wall socket and then remove the cmos battery to do a bios reset.
Inspiron 530 can not be overclocked, no BIOS control.
To reset CMOS
1. Power off the computer and make sure that it is unplugged.

2. Open up your computers case. You need physical access to the motherboard to complete this procedure.

3. Find a circular, (mostly) silver metallic object on the motherboard. This is the CMOS battery.

4. CAREFULLY remove the CMOS battery and leave it out for about 15 minutes. This will flush the CMOS configuration and will reset everything to factory defaults.

5. Set the battery back into place and power on the computer.

6. The computer should then warn you that the CMOS configuration could not be found. You can either reconfigure it yourself or restore defaults. Restoring the default configuration should be fine.

If this not going to help, well try running Dell diagnostics - at the Dell splash screen tap the F12 key to access the boot menu and select the diagnostics. run the full diagnostics.

Report back.