Question Install on new built pc from a laptop

Jan 24, 2020
Hello forums! I just finished putting together all my new parts, ripe for the weekend - All I need is a windows installation. Unfortunately, I left my USB stick at work..
Is there a way to use my laptop to install windows to my new machine? I heard about deployment, but I am a totall noob in that area.

I will be installing on a samsung 970 EVO M.2 sitting in a MSI 570X Carbon Wifi mobo.

I also have a 64gb MicroSD card I can wipe and use trough an android phone as a substitute USB, if anyone can confirm this to be possible.

You'll need a flash drive to install it properly. At least easily. You can probably get one at a gas station or convenience store for under $15.

This article says it is possible to use an SD card in an Android phone as an Windows installer. Maybe it is possible.

Another option is to setup your laptop to act as a server for netbooting your desktop. Then install Windows that way.

I haven't tried either setup.

How about your backup drive. You keep a backup, right?