Question Installed a new cpu and my gpu wont work

Jun 3, 2019
Today I installed a new cpu (i3-6100) (switching from a g4560) and when I went to boot up my pc my graphics card (gtx 1060 3gb) made a little tink noise after 10 seconds ish and when I rebooted it did the same think so I just wanna know if this is common or if I have to buy a new one or something.

And i took out and put back the gpu and unplugged and replugged its power

Also, when I booted in the bios it did recognize the new cpu


MSI Pro Series Intel B250 LGA 1151 DDR4 USB 3.1 micro-ATX Motherboard (B250M PRO-VD)

PSU evga 430 w1 80+ white
I'm not sure what "tink noise" you are talking about. Is it Coil Whine, or some other thing ? Make sure no wire/cable is sticking with the GPU fans. Can you properly BOOT the OS after this ? Can you play games on the GPU ? Your power supply isn't the very best either, but I don't think the PSU is the culprit here.

Have you connected the 6-PIN PCI-e/PEG connector to the GPU as well ? Please also update your system's BIOS, if you are using an older version.. The latest/last BIOS is from date 2018-07-04......