Question Installed Ubuntu on second SSD to dual boot with Windows, and now I can't boot from Windows SSD

Feb 16, 2019
So today I installed a new SSD into my PC with the intent to install ubuntu on it to run alongside Windows 10 on my other drive. So I unplugged all drives except the new one just so I wouldn't accidentally delete something. Then I installed Ubuntu from a USB onto my new SSD. Everything worked great. Then my buddy wanted to play some games, so I plug my other drives back in, reboot and go back into my bios. But my old SSD with windows on it doesn't show up in the boot priority list! Now only the drive with Ubuntu on it is bootable. Previously the UEFI would show both my hard drive (which has no OS) and my SSD with windows as options. If I boot to Ubuntu I can see both drives, and all the files are there. The drives also show up in the UEFI when I look at SATA devices. I just can't boot from my Windows drive now for some reason. I have rebooted multiple times, gone through what seems like all the settings in the UEFI, uplugged and replugged the drives in, googled all over for an answer. I don't know what to try next. Any help is appreciated!

I have an MSI B350 tomahawk motherboard by the way


That's because the boot manger for Windows and Ubuntu don't play nice together and they overwrite each other.

Which is why for any tutorial online that teaches you how to dual boot Windows and Linux, part of that tutorial includes installing a 3rd party boot manager like burg or grub