Question Installing Linux Mint - Stuck on "Detecting File System"


Mar 9, 2018

I just want to forewarn all of you, this is going to be an extremely long post.

I downloaded Linux Mint Mate 19.1 as an ISO and used Rufus to create a Live USB. Before I changed the primary boot drive and actually booted on the LIVE USB, I plugged in the USB that I want to install Linux on. I partitioned it so that there is one 4GB partition (which probably isn't even enough) for Linux itself, and another 26GB partition to act as a main drive. Both of those drives are formatted as FAT32 for now.

Once I was into the live USB, I thought that it was going to be simple, and I was completely wrong. I started up the "Install Linux Mint" that is on the desktop and went through all of the simple pages until I got to the page asking me to select how I wanted to install. I selected "Something Else". My USB is in dev/sdd, and the partition that I am installing on is dev/sdd1. I double clicked on the 4GB partition and changed the formatting to ext4 and I changed the mount location to "/". I kept the 26GB partition as FAT32. I hit continue and went through all the motions and warnings blah blah blah nothing important came out of that. When I was selecting region however, I got a notice that it failed to unmount my drive (i didn't even look at which one, I just hit the button to try again). I continued on, selected my name, username, password etc. Then we get to the installing part.

I see that it says "Detecting File System" and so I click on the region that highlights when I hover over it, and it brings up a black box full of code. This code is full of errors, I don't know what, but it isn't hard to notice that there is "error" or "failed to" in just about every line. I have no clue what the issue is with my install, or even how to fix it. I am pretty much a noob with linux as this is my first time ever working with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if anyone needs any specific information in order to help, don't be afraid to ask.


Jan 1, 2014
Simple way to install any distribution is install it on the primary drive. The unmount error was most likely due to the drive still being mounted and trying to format it which can not be done. The installer will auto partition the drive for you if you let it. Linux does not use fat32 btw uses ext4. You have one big mess and it's not necessary to make it this complicated.

Minimum hdd space for Linux Mint 5GB, recommend is 20GB.
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