Installing Win 7 error code 0x80070570 help

Simon Haddad

Dec 17, 2014
Just wondering if I can get some assistance. I am having some trouble installing my 32 bit win 7 on my computer.

Currently I am getting a error codes saying;
"Windows cannot install required files. the file may be corrupt or missing....."
error code 0x80070570.

so i went and did my research on the matter and found no resolution. So after i did my research, the following is what i done;

- I tried to set SATA on IDE and AHCI but not RAID in BIOS
- Changed RAM Sticks, Even used them singular on separate occasions while trying to install windows,
- Tried to change HDD to a spare one i had laying around, it was a WD Green Caviar.
- Tried other OS CD's
- Mem tested both RAM Sticks
- Tried multiple SATA Ports
- Factory resetting BIOS
- Removed GPU and used on board display drives
- And also tried to install Win 7 64 bit like i had it before and all i got was a BSOD every 40 min with the error 0xc0000050

So the error code 0x80070570 could relate to a HDD Error, a mem error, or a GPU error. Given my knowledge in computers, they are the steps i took to try and resolve the issue.

So the specs on my PC are,

mobo: MSI Z68A-G45(G3)
GPU: GTX 650 Gigabyte
CPU: Intel 3770 i7
RAM: Asus 1333hz x2
HDD: WD Red NAS 1tb or a WD Green Caviar
PSU: Widetech 650
A Corsair H80i Water cooler

Note: I had a 64 bit Win 7 running on the same specs before i moved them to another case.

If some one can help me out, it will be great