Question Intel 10850k suddenly reaching 100c and shutting the pc down during games.

Jul 31, 2022
So Specs are a

3070 TI
32Gb of ram

Roughly a year old

Randomly out of no where the temps were starting to run sky high and causing my pc to shut down when playing Games
Though i would play a game for 6 hours for not a single issue at all but would play it the next day and its overheating

It did this before but randomly just fixed itself

Suddenly its back. My desktop idle is 35-40c

But starting a game skyrockets it up to 80 to 100c until it shuts the pc down.

I've checked the AIO and it appears to be still working

I have a rough guess it might be something to do with voltage alot of people said default settings for this are way to high but Im not sure.

I see lots of random spikes in temps across all cores

I've removed aio and re applied thermal paste and reseated everything.

I do not overclock the cpu I only have XMP on which i've had since building the PC.,

I've tried even turning that off updating bios and still no sucess

From what i googled on it I found nothing in common that would show the pump is failing.

Also I find that it only sees heat when it is under load. One thing i see is with a dead or failing pump the temp will just climb and climb even while idle*

If I start a game up it will shoot up in temp but after shutting it down it will rapidly cool down

Pls help
Hello fellow 10850K owner. The first signs aren't encouraging, that AIO has had lots of reported issues. Clearly things were working before, I find it unlikely the voltages would have suddenly increased on their own. The default voltages do tend to be higher than necessary but how much so will depend on the board, can I ask what motherboard you have? Do you know what your vcore is? Also 80C for stock speeds on a 240mm AIO is pretty normal.