Question Intel 12th gen CPU Socket problem - does it exist with 11th gen ?


Keep in mind that the earlier socket (in spite of the change in nomenclature) was essentially the same through a high number of refreshes. I don't recall there every being such issue with 1151, and never heard of issue with 1200.

The newest socket is (just that) not only the newest, but significantly larger. Hopefully Intel will come up with an elegant permanent solution.


Mar 11, 2022
From what I remember, only the 12900k(s) really runs into any real trouble since it produces the most heat, and then only when under full load. Gaming shouldn't produce enough heat to really cause problems. Unless you plan to drive clocks up as far as you can you aren't likely to ever get issues. It doesn't matter if the CPU runs at 48 or 53°C, or even 60 or 65°C in games. All are save temps and if anyone tells you differently you may laugh into their face hard. And again, the only chips you will likely run into issues with, and only under full load on all cores, are the 12900K and the 12900KS. Everything up to and including the 12700K can be easily kept way below throttling temperature (100°C; mine might show a spike on one core to 82 sometimes at full load in benchmarks, but stay below that, on an air cooler btw), and if gaming is your objective, that chip really is all you need. Heck, it's all you need for pretty much anything outside of using it professionally, and good chunk of professional applications, too. All that is even described in the very article you linked, btw, so no idea why you are even concerned.

Btw, stay away from 11th gen. Too much consumption for no real performance compared to either Alder Lake, or even 10th gen.