News Intel CEO Announces Targeted Cuts in Wake of Lower Margins

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Intel is undercutting AMD in cpu space and AMD and Nvidia in GPU space. So lower margins could be true, definitely not the way he shows but it's there. He seems to have a habit of exaggerating.

AMD has never been cheaper here than Intel so it's a bit hard to tell from that whether Intel is losing margin because of that. However, CPU and GPU prices are crazy high and way over MSRP. I guess if you aggregate your margins globally they may be lower, but we certainly are not helping to lower those margins, and I wish we would :)

Everyone I talk to, customers, friends, family, etc are holding off upgrades mostly because of prices. If they think prices are ever going to return to sane levels here I think they will be disappointed and will eventually either have to bite the bullet or go without.


It's his first year, he's innocent...
But damn 20%? That's insane 🤯

cue Homer Simpson Uh.......... it's my first day!

Though seriously why is Intel still using desktop PC sales as profit projection metrics? That seems extremely outdated. Laptops and the DIY market are where it's at. There's very few reasons why anyone would buy a prebuilt desktop anymore.