News Intel Core i5-9400F Without Graphics Now $134.99

Would say this is kinda pointless. Puts it around the same as a 2600 which has double the threads and is overclockable. Still need a Z board for the intel too.

Only real reason to buy intel now is quick sync which these chips can’t do.
If your purely gaming this chip is about the only good deal from intel.

Problem is a ryzen 5 2600 has smt and supports overclocking. Because of this, the 2600 wins in multithreaded workloads, has much more stable framerate in games and is only slightly behind in overall gaming framerate.

Plus the 2600 utilizes dirt cheap b450 boards while the 9400f needs a slightly more expensive b365 motherboard or a much, much more expensive z390 motherboard to gain a simmilar feature set to b450 including the lack of an artificial ram speed limit and support for overclocking.