Question Intel Core i7-10750H vs Intel Core i7-9750H


Jan 20, 2018

I am not a tech-savy man but I will need a laptop with a good processor, however, my budget is limited to H series because HK and K series are trully expensive. Being not familiar with any of the CPU Intel Core i7-10750H and Intel Core i7-9750H I'd like to ask to someone familiar with such CPUs if you think is worth investing an extra amount of money for i7-10750H if there is a meaningful boost in performance compared to i7-9750H.

I only want the laptop to work with MS Office Word, Excel, Python 3.7, Rstudio (R) and occassionally playing strategy games which I think they are not really demanding such as "To End All Wars", "Empire Total War" and other AGEOD / Paradox games, but just as a casual player (no more than 4 hours a week).

Any insight, comment, criticism will be very welcome.
Worth is something only YOU can determine.
Yes, the I7-10750H is faster, perhaps by 10%.
But, they are both so good that I doubt you would notice.
Look to other things such as the monitor quality, availability of a ssd for example.

OTOH, if both fit your budget, I suggest you buy the stronger.
The lower price of the weaker is sweet for a moment, but you will forever wonder if you should have bought the stronger.
I rarely regret buying the better product at the higher price.
The other thing with laptops is you cannot compare just based on hardware. Both of these CPU’s run very hot and a 9750h with a good cooler could easily outperform a 10750h with poor cooling. The 9750h also has the advantage that older BIOS’s allow undervolting which helps with cooling, newer BIOS’s locked this out. As far as I know the 10750h does not support undervolting.