May 15, 2008
I was wondering has anyone else had stuttering issues with Intel SSD. I was using one of the newer 80 gig 320 series drives. I noticed stuttering not all the time but enough to be annoying special in video games things would freeze for a split second. The drive was updated to the latest firmware. I was using the latest AMD AHCI drivers and was still having the issue.

I trouble shot everything figured out it had to be the motherboard sata control or the SSD. Replaced the SSD with a crucial M4 couldn't be happier the computer runs like a dream now with zero stuttering.

I think the oddest part thought is I put the Intel 80gig in my labtop and it runs smooth as silk. I am still not sure what exactly was causing the stuttering only thing I could come up with was maybe the drive didn't like my chipset or something.