News Intel's Project Athena Gets a Seal of Approval

AMD finally catches up to Intel and now Intel now says
"it wants to focus on performance and responsiveness moving forward "

Which almost implies an admission of guilt that before this time they weren't focused on performance and responsiveness and were just coasting along hoping nobody would catch up.

Or am I reading into this too much?
So... Centrino 2.0?

This feels more like Intel scrambling to get some kind of legitimacy put on their laptops as if a "guarantee" will sway consumers. Like Intel saying "Well, you can get a Ryzen laptop, but AMD isn't certifying that those laptops are giving you the best performance that the hardware is capable of, but Intel will. Buy our certified products for peace of mind."... which we all know is a load of crap. On top of that I don't expect low end laptops to have this badge. It is going to be used as a ploy to up-sell to less savvy buyers.

Thinking about it... Intel should just go back to Centrino. It was better.