Question Internet Browsers Fail to load correctly


Dec 10, 2017
Hello All,

I'm usually fairly good with technology and software, but this has me stuck.

A relatives computer has an issue where chrome flashes up for a couple of milliseconds at most then closes again. He has a windows 10 machine, well above the minimum requirements. I have scanned for viruses, using Kaspersky Total Security as I have a Licence with them. I have also scanned with Malwarebytes. I have run the compatability troubleshooter, ran it as admin and a minimized start. I have run it with the disable extensions etc. They say they haven't installed any new programs or clicked any links, just normal day to day use.

Here is where it gets intresting, I have reinstalled it and no change. I installed firefox for the meantime using the Iexplore command in Win+R, and that has the same problem. Opens for a second at most and then crashes back to the desktop. I have reinstalled both but no luck. Lastly I activated the inbuilt admin account with windows, and tried. Low and behold it worked, with no issues.

Any help would be appriciated, and I will, but rather would not reinstall windows.

Sorry for the long post but was trying to add as much info as possible.

Here is the device manager screenshots, event viewer logs and an autorun log. Here
If everything works fine in the admin account. I'd say just create a new user account, move their files over and reconnect to any online accounts. It'll be a lot quicker than trying to find out whatever is corrupted in their user account.

Move all the files into the public account first. That way you can avoid any bother with account permissions when trying to access the files from the new user account.