Question Internet connectivity issues


Sep 5, 2018
I have an issue that every time my computer wakes up it disconnects my internet, this happens on restarts as well. I can fix the issue by going into device management and disabling and re-enabling my network adapter. Although it seems like a minor problem and I can fix it easily enough, it is a problem that occurs everyday. Recently my internet connection has been problematic as well, I have been having high latency in games. I cant help but think that the problems are related. Is my network adapter failing? My computer is fairly new, I built it about 4 months ago.

Things I have tried:
  • updating drivers
  • uninstalling network adapter and have it reinstall
  • update firmware of router
  • power cycling modem and router
  • Command prompt command to flush DNS and reconfigure IP

I am using windows 10 and my motherboard is a ASUS PRIME Z490-A LGA 1200 Intel.

Any help is appreciated, and if you need any more info please ask. Thank you!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS version information.

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that correspond with the disconnect times.

Run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt. Post the results.